Triple7Racing joined the AEMC

While today the next new update of Assetto Corsa was released (Version 1.3) and also the new Dreampack (Version 2) and we recommend supporting AC with buying the fair priced Dreampack DLC. We would like to take the opportunity to also announce something brand new to you.

Triple7Racing is now officially a club


Yes, a real club, in the real world. Even so we are an international team for more than eleven years and see ourselves as an international club, we’ve chosen the United Kingdom as our main base as we were originally founded there. And so we are very proud to tell you that we have joind the AEMC, and are now offically a member of the Association of Eastern Motor Clubs (AEMC). The AEMC is our regional association created by the Motor Sports Association (MSA) for the purpose of co-ordinating motor sport affairs in their respective areas in the UK.

While we keep on changing lots of things behind the scenes, we will keep on organizing online events for all our members like we did before and we will increase all this to another level. We will keep you updated over the next weeks and months of all the new things to come.

Have fun racing with us


  1. BBO
    BBO says:

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  2. BBO
    BBO says:

    That’s really a mayor change after so many years, from a simple online team starting in 2004 to a real club.
    And there are so much things to come ;)

    So I’m proud as well to be part of T7R. :D

  3. Fordman
    Fordman says:

    Fantastic news, well done to everybody involved in reaching this massive mile stone. To be recognised as a dedicated online racing team is one thing, but to be Officially Recognised as a Racing Club, by our Regional Motor sport racing club is just on another level….

  4. YardStick
    YardStick says:

    This is great news. I’m not sure I fully understand what all this means, but for me it’s always good news when the line between real world racing and sim racing gets a bit more blurred. ;)

    Congrats T7R!

  5. BBO
    BBO says:
    YardStick wrote:This is great news. I’m not sure I fully understand what all this means, but for me it’s always good news when the line between real world racing and sim racing gets a bit more blurred. ;)
    Congrats T7R!

    It means Triple7Racing as an online racing team which is now officially recognised as a Regional Motorsport Racing club in the "real wold" or offline so to say ;) . We could also do events on real tracks :) but our main goal is that we want to expand our online racing events but it will take a bit of time till all of the things we have in mind will be finished and ready for the public. Nevertheless is a big step for us, as no other pure PC based online racing team has ever done this before. Building a bridge from sim racing to real world racing organizations. Not to my knowledge.

  6. Fordman
    Fordman says:

    Just to expand on BBO posts.

    1) What does this mean?
    It means that T7R is now recognised and is associated in the real motor sport industry, to be a racing team or and a recognised driving tool for real
    drivers, but as recognised, we are now affiliated with an MSA approved regional racing group that host, real life events.

    2) Again what does this mean in english?

    Well to become an MSA Approved Racing Club, you have to be accepted from your Regional group first, and imagine, your a racing group in real
    life, and then a virtual racing group approaches you and asks for membership, if you think of it this way, there is many questions and answers, to
    which we have answered them all, and, to our teams great work, we have been accepted.

    3) So are we a Virtual or real racing Team?

    We are both, we obviously race online, which is classed as virtual, but we are now recognised in the real work as a Motorsport racing Club, so
    we have to run by rules and are governed by rules wrote by others, this is not just your usual racing club, this is getting serious.

    4) Why do this?

    We want to take sim racing to a new level, and close the gap between Sim Racing and RL racing. We want to be able for RL drivers to use this
    as a tool to test for future events, but we also want to promote the closest racing that can be offered in a real life environment. Being
    registered with an MSA approved club is only step one, we want to provide people with the up most realistic for of racing that is possible, and to
    be able to copy real life series, GT UK Series, F3 UK Cup, etc etc. To be able to use these names you have to have agreement and licenses

    5) Has it cost you anything?

    Yep, there is a fee to join your regional racing group and get accepted, and there is also a fee for becoming MSA registered which, we have
    paid out of our own pocket.

    6) So what’s next?

    Now that would be telling, just keep an eye on the news and the website, and hopefully you will all join in.

    Shaun "fordman" Clarke

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