Team Interviews part 1 with Fordman

Hello racers!

Today we present you the first interview with one of our drivers. He is fast, fair and friendly, you find him nearly everyday racing on all servers and there seems to be no car he can’t handle. He also makes movies, setups and is one of the two persons who founded Triple 7 Racing. You all know who we mean, but as Mick Jagger said: “Let me please introduce myself..”

Interview with [T7R] Fordman

Hi ho Fordman, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions.
Thanks Three Jump for inviting me.
No problem

Q1: Ok, when was you been born and what’s your real name?
I was born on 30th October 1975, and my real name, that I have started using in Live For Speed is Shaun.

Q2: What do you do when you’re not in front of your PC? Do you have any other hobbies?
I like football, Swimming and playing with my children, they are great fun. Listening to music, all types really.

Q3: What is your current job and what was the job you wanted to do when you were a little kid?
Well the job I wanted to do when I was little, is in fact the Job I am doing. Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted work in the IT industry. Thankfully, I got this oppuntunity and really enjoy my work, always new adventures every day.

Q4: Please tell us the three things, you would take with you to a lonely island? Why?
Wife, kids and a Delivery Option from Tesco’s
Come on
Well, PC, Wheel, and Electricity would be my next option, but then I would have to leave broadband out, oh wait Wife kids and Mobile phone, so I could call for help

I see, your definitely maybe person…

Q5: Do you play any other pc-games (apart from LFS) and what was your first pc (atari, or amiga) game you ever played?
Well I play at the moment, Half Life 2 and Counter Strike. I also like to play the ETCC Mod and the BTCC mod for F1 Challange. First real computer game was Grand Prix by Geoff Crammond on the Amiga. Loved that game, and played it for a very long time. I must admit, Live for Speed is the longest I have stuck to one game, constantly. Another Grand Prix Junkie, Grand Prix 2, 3 and 4, played them all, but something about Grand Prix, that was never repeated with the rest.

Q6: Where did you found LFS and why are you called “Fordman”?
I found LFS while searching the Toca Race Driver forums (Thankyou Codemasters) I was searching for a release date for TRD, and there was a guy on there saying, Try LFS, not NFS, but LFS, and I did, and well 3yrs almost now, still here. Fordman, hmm, well this name came from the following: I followed Ford in the BTCC for years, my family worked for Ford, and my dad was a mechanic for Ford in the very early days so it just seemed to suit me.

Q7: In connection to release dates, some people are moaning about the delay of S2, you too?
No not me at all. I know it will be released when its ready. I have pledged my faith in the Developers, already paying for S3. I am enjoying S1 still, with the new team we have. We have our Internal Championship running, and OLFSL to compete in, and teams want to race us also, so very busy. I am still learning with S1, and enjoying every moment. I mean, in S2, everybody will become a newbie again, I am in no rush to go down that road again. Been there, done that.

Q8: Speaking of other teams. What was the reason to form this fantastic team (T7R)? Did you race for other teams and why did you leave them?
I knew this way coming lol
Yes I started my LFS Racing with a team called Boomerang Rapido. A fantastic team, great drivers. While racing for them, I had always in the back of my mind that I one day would like to have my own team. So i decided to leave BR, which I am still are good friends with, and with another close and good friend of mine, EMD, we talked on MSN one night, and was saying the same things about a team. Me and EMD decided to form T7R. It took us ages to find a suitable name, that was not either taken, or used in some way shape or forum, and the name Triple 7 came from 3 7′s in cards, is always respected as lucky, so why not the Team Name? Thats where T7R came from, and with the new team, me and EMD stated the rules for joining, enjoy yourself, and have fun, and race when u can no pressure.

Q9: Which car do you drive in your real life, which in LFS and does driving LFS improve you driving skills?
Well because I work for Ford, my car can change from week to week. At the moment, I am driving the new Ford Mondeo ST220. I wouldn’t say LFS improves your driving at the moment, as the physics are good, but not quiet right upto every day driving standard. S2, then ask me this question again, I will tell you if I have any points on my license as where I live, there is a section of the A11 that is like Blackwood.

Q10: What was your most memerable time in LFS?
Well is had to be the first tag race with BR. I organised the event with a few others ( ACR ) at the time, as was for fun. I also invited the Developers, and Scawen showed up. It was like u could hear a pin drop on the server, nobody knew what to say, it was just quiet. I promply said, thankyou scawen for joining us, and we tag raced. Lefty was Scawens partner, and still till this day, we say that Lefty is the only person to be touched by god, and the only person to have a license to smack the devs, lol. A very rememable evening.

And now please feel free to say what you ever wanted to say to your audience.
Well I would like to say, Thanks to Scawen, Vic and Eric for a great Sim. The Community, as its not only the game that makes it so much fun, its racing the same people, and I am going way back to people like Vykos, Whole ( Old Team BR ) RichardDK, Rob ( nic ) JaberX, DevilEST, MacEST, Rudi, dame I could go on for ages. Have made some great friends, old and new and well, its just alot of fun. The T7R team are fantastic, great backup, help, and more then me and EMD ever imagined that could happen. I would like to thank them also, as without them, non of this would be possible. And last, but no means least, Thankyou 3J, for inviting me, been fun.

No problem and thanks again for taking time for the interview.

Now can I practice for a busy weekend.


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