To my UK brothers

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To my UK brothers

Postby motowntom » 24. Jun. 2016, 20:32

Congrats!!!! And fair sailing for your new found independence!!!!
Long live freedom!!!!!!
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Re: To my UK brothers

Postby P1LOT » 26. Jun. 2016, 22:27

I'm unhappy with the result. I wanted us to stay in since it's better for buisiness, hence more people have jobs and the economic health of the nation is better etc. etc.
Anyway, no point repeating what's been covered a million times. Except I believe lots of people voted out because the face of the remain camp was the Tories (despite Labour also wanting to remain) and lots of people voted based on immigration issue alone. Should have looked at the bigger picture. :(
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Re: To my UK brothers

Postby Fordman » 27. Jun. 2016, 19:44

My problem Gav, is I have a wife that works in Local Government, so I hear alot that doesn't get put in the press, as trust me, even you would be :o so I don't think it was just about immigration, there is a hell of a lot more problem with being in the EU, more than that.

For example, I bet all the prisoners that are Foreign Nationals thought OH FUCK when they found out that they will no longer be able to go to the European Court of Human Rights (Based in Brussells) to stop them being sent out of the UK, that all the British people pay for.

Its not Her Majesty's Pleasure you know :lol: :lol:

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