VR Racing the future? The Vive Pre!

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VR Racing the future? The Vive Pre!

Postby VTX » 05. Jan. 2016, 20:52

Just stumbled upon this: Toms Hardware has an early look at the newly announced HTC Vive Pre. It has a front facing cam, which allows you to see your real wheel in VR! How cool is that!? I already start regretting my shiny new triple screens lol.

Check the video (early look) here: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/htc-vi ... 30894.html

This is a real gamechanger if it works as advertised!

Im excited!

One of the first things you’ll notice about the new Vive headset is the camera mounted on the lower front of the HMD. This camera is the basis of the “breakthrough” that HTC hinted at last month. The camera is used to bring real objects into view while you’re wearing the headset, though I wouldn’t really call this AR per se. HTC is using this feature as an extension of the chaperone system, which is used to map the barriers of the room scale tracking area. With the camera, HTC is able to present a blue wireframe outline of the objects and even people in the room. Some of the editors at Tom’s Hardware have dubbed this “Tron Mode,” which actually describes what you see fairly well.

To enable this feature, you double tap the button on the controller located below the track pad. The game world will disappear, and as you approach the chaperone limits, the wireframe view of objects outside of the limits will come into view. The objects aren’t very clear, but they are clear enough to identify.

I was able to identify a painting on the wall, the stands that the lighthouse trackers were attached to, and the people in the room. The details are vague to say the least, but it gives you more than enough information to interact with things without taking the headset off. The view is rather blurry, but it was good enough to make out the important details. I was even able to read my name on my press badge.

HTC’s JB Mcree told us that this feature will enable you to locate your keyboard or extra peripherals, such as a wheel for racing games or HOTAS for flight simulators. You can also locate furniture with the HMD over your eyes, allowing you to transition from standing to sitting experiences without taking the Vive off. To demonstrate this feature, Mcree pulled a chair into my play area and simply told me to sit down on it. I was able to clearly make out the chair and sit on it without any trouble, which was simply not possible on the previous version of the Vive.
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Re: VR Racing the future? The Vive Pre!

Postby Festa_PWR » 05. Jan. 2016, 21:29

Well that looks a little bit cool, doesn`t it??
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Re: VR Racing the future? The Vive Pre!

Postby kcheeb » 16. Jan. 2016, 00:08

Very cool, but that means I have to play games standing up now???

It's been hinted the chaperone mode could be used to Augment Reality. That would be extremely interesting done with the right game.
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