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Postby Festa_PWR » 25. Feb. 2016, 23:13

I must say, I think I`m actually looking forward to this being released on Steam this weekend.

I took advantage of the offer to purchase GSCE before 5th January (i think it was) and this gets you the Automobilista game/update for free.

I`ve not tried GSCE yet, but heard nothing but good things and hope that Automobilista (i`m starting to hate the name after typing it just three times though!!) plays as good as it looks with the various disciplines. The below video shows a particular type of car i really want to try.

I remember doing a few online races in the WCORR trucks mod and that was a blast, so these should be awesome.

phpBB [video]
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Re: Automobilista

Postby Kade » 26. Feb. 2016, 03:11

I bought the GSCE as well just to get Automobilista (thanks to Empty Box) when it's released. Those Super trucks indeed look like a lot of fun and I'm interested to race them as well! 8-)
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