Teamspeak 3 - T7R Server & Password

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Teamspeak 3 - T7R Server & Password

Postby BBO » 10. Jan. 2016, 17:51

We don't use TS3 right now officially for our events!!
You can use it but you don't have to use it.

So in case you want to use Teamspeak 3, here are the infos for the TS3 Triple7Racing public channel:

Direct link if you don't want to add it by hand:
Click to bookmark the T7R public channel
!! In TS3 click "bookmark only" and go to >> bookmarks >> manage bookmarks >> and edit there your nickname (UserNickname)
(save it and next time you join the channel you'll have your personal nickname)

Login details if you want to add it by hand:

TS3 Server:
Password: AssettoCorsa

Channel: T7R | Public
No Password Needed
T7R| BBO - Triple7Racing
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Re: Teamspeak 3 - T7R Server & Password

Postby Olivier Prenten » 11. Jan. 2016, 09:59

Thanks Bernd. It could be nice to use it for important information prior a race (30 min notification).
But I can live without it... ;)
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Re: Teamspeak 3 - T7R Server & Password

Postby Strazen » 07. Feb. 2016, 21:21

I don't use very often Teamspeak but I can make an exception for you. It has just been reinstalled.

It could be good indeed to do a small briefing before an event and to present ourselves to the team when we are a new forum member, but I'm not willing to speak while in-game.
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