Samsung Galaxy Tab not starting or recharging

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Samsung Galaxy Tab not starting or recharging

Postby BBO » 07. Nov. 2015, 13:43

Today I started my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 and it started as usual then black screen. :shock:

I was sure the battery was at 80% but ok I plugged the charger in. Nothing - no response.
Tried another charger (all original Samsung stuff) – no response. (you usually see the charging battery animation on the screen).

I tried to turn it on and also tried some key combinations like “Holding the power button down for x seconds”, “combination of power button, volume up button, and home button” etc. Tablet still dead. :cry: But I really didn’t want to do a full reset and lose everything installed etc.

So I decided try something else, which was to remove the back of the tablet and pop off the battery connector.
The difficult part was to remove the back of the device.

And as I have no “pry tools” (plastic tools to open mobiles/tablets etc.) and fingernails are usually not strong enough, I took this:

A simple cheese cutter with a blunt edge. :lol:



I opened up the device pulled the little battery connector out, waited a few seconds, placed it back in.



Put the cover back on and the device is starting again as usual (showing the battery is 83% charged).

In the end I needed to set the correct date and time again (else google services act crazy if the date is showing the 1.1.1988 ;) )
and now it’s running and charging again as usual.

Wished all my repairs would have been so easy and simple :D
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