A BTCC League

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A BTCC League

Postby Fordman » 04. Dec. 2016, 02:47

Hi All,

I thought I would share here a league that is / "testing" to happen that involves the T7R BTCC Mod. At the moment it is "behind closed doors" but there is talk to commentators / live streaming, broadcasting rights, you name it. I was fortunate enough to be a part of a group, and one of the chaps there, who is majorly involved, invited me over, and they, kindly, gave me a slot.

To let you know how popular this was, all 20 slots filled up in less than 12hrs :o and there is currently, I lost count, but many reserves.

I am glad to say, that I will be there representing T7R, as I got Horus (as we are not allowed to use logos from companies that are not connected to us, due to TV rights) to re-design me a livery to be used, I even had to post a photo :( :D

So Josh Martin, posted a video about his skin, you can find it here https://www.facebook.com/joshmartinracing/?fref=ts

So I had to do one as well (well I didn't ) but why the hell not :lol:

phpBB [video]

I am currently 1.5 sec off Josh pace (he is leading) but I am trying to adjust from V2 back to V1.1, and I will be honest, going back to V1.1 just showed me, how much lack of grip there is, but any whoo.

You can view the times here - http://managerdc9.rackservice.org:50328/lapstat?page=0

And below is a couple of screenies, just to make you laugh as well


Re: A BTCC League

Postby Grobbie72 » 04. Dec. 2016, 12:57

See you there. Look for Pieter Grobler. :P
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Re: A BTCC League

Postby John Brandow » 14. Dec. 2016, 16:24

Hello Shaun. I was just added to this league as a Back up driver so am really trying to dial my car in and get on pace in case I get the nod. Not to mention this mod is the whole reason I bought Assetto Corsa. I am having a huge issue with the tires though. By halfway through lap two the fronts are showing bright red and my braking just completely fades away. Would you mind helping with some set up pointers? I am testing silverstone as there are lap times that I can chase. Currently on my mostly green tire lap I am turning low 1s to high 59s but again by the last turn my tires are already shot.
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