Jap Pack

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Jap Pack

Postby Fordman » 19. May. 2016, 19:01

Anybody purchased this yet. Been working away, so I haven't yet, just wondering on people's thoughts


Re: Jap Pack

Postby VTX » 19. May. 2016, 22:54

Not yet, but will buy it just to support Kunos.
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Re: Jap Pack

Postby P1LOT » 19. May. 2016, 23:02

Didn't know it was out... (goes off to find wallet) :D
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Re: Jap Pack

Postby atomant » 20. May. 2016, 17:26

Cool, going to add these. A former boss of mine had the RX7 in 1982, was a hoot to drive. Thx for the heads up.

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Re: Jap Pack

Postby Fordman » 20. May. 2016, 18:01

Just Purchased, lets see how good that MX Global Cup is :D

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