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Reverb Sound

Postby Fordman » 09. Apr. 2016, 16:05

AC has introduced reverb sound at ALL AC tracks. Now me personally think they have gone a little OTT. Like @ Brands Hatch for example, in the pitlane, it sounds like I am in a tunnel.

Looked around, and Horus suggested a value that most seem to be using, but it is a little of a ball ache, but works.

You need to open the audio_sources.ini file in all the tracks data folder, and change this setting, for all. I just did a find and replace.

Default Level is WET_LEVEL=-13
Revised Level is WET_LEVEL=-28

Some tracks have more than others.

Test and see what suits you, but miles better for me


Re: Reverb Sound

Postby kcheeb » 11. Apr. 2016, 13:58

Since the update, I've not had a chance to try many tracks yet. But the ones I have, the reverb was cool. Notably, driving through the hills on Black Cat.

Will keep that in mind if I find it's too much anywhere, thanks!
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