Keyboard Shortcuts

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Postby D34N0 » 16. Dec. 2015, 20:40

Here is a list of the keyboard shortcuts as found in FAQ18 on Assetto Corsa forum

Keyboard shortcuts
F11: toggle fullscreen/windowed

CTRL+R : replay
CTRL+S : slow motion (replay)
CTRL+A : ABS on/off
CTRL+T : cycle traction control modes
CTRL+H : show/hide apps
CTRL+O : restart session
CTRL+L : disable names
CTRL+M : toggle mouse steering
CTRL+G : gearbox Auto
CTRL+I : racing line on/off
CTRL+Q : damage displayer on/off
CTRL+J : show damage displayer

F1 : cycle car cameras
F2 : random cameras
F3 : track cameras
F5 : pivot camera around the car
F6 : cycle on-board cameras
F8 : in-game screenshot
F9 : toggle bottom learderboard
F11 : toggle virtual mirror
F12 : (Steam related) screenshot
+/- : Change Force Feedback (disabled in replays)
Ctrl +/- : Change onboard FOV
Ctrl Shift +/- : Change saturation
PageUp/Down : adjust exposure
Home : Open/close console
1 .. 0 : Turbo boost management

CTRL+NUMPAD_1: switch to previous opponent car
CTRL+NUMPAD_3: switch to next opponent car
CTRL+NUMPAD_2: switch to player car
CTRL+L: toggle opponents name

/help: prints the list of the available commands
/admin: become administrator for the server. ex, if the password is "kunos" the command is "/admin kunos"
/next_session: moves to next session
/restart_session: restart the session
/kick: kick a user using the rules (blacklist etc) of the server. To kick a player named "The Player": /kick The Player
/client_list: show the player list by CAR_ID: name
/kick_id: kick a user using the rules (blacklist etc) of the server. To kick a player using the CAR_ID 2: /kick_id 2
/ban_id: ban a user using the rules (blacklist etc) of the server. To kick a player using the CAR_ID 2: /ban_id 2
/ballast: add ballast (Kg) on the CAR_ID. To add 100Kg to CAR_ID 2: /ballast 2 100

ENTER : enter/exit the car
SPACE : open/close doors
NUMPAD_7 : lights on
NUMPAD_8 : stop lights on
NUMPAD_0 : animate wing 0 (if present)
NUMPAD_1 : animate wing 1 (if present)
NUMPAD_2 : animate wing 2 (if present)
NUMPAD_3 : animate wing 3 (if present)
W : wiper
I : car gearbox animation
right mouse button: move the car
, and . : rotate wheels/ steer
F7 : FPS mode
TAB : track camera
pag up : previous skin
pag down : next skin
+ : exposure up
- : exposure down
F : roll left
G : roll right
Q : Azimuth +
E : Azimuth -
A : Zenith +
D : Zenith -
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Re: Keyboard Shortcuts

Postby VTX » 16. Dec. 2015, 23:34

Thanks, that is some useful info!
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Re: Keyboard Shortcuts

Postby P1LOT » 16. Dec. 2015, 23:43

I could never get it to view other cars.
Just found it's CTRL+1,2, or 3 on the numpad, not the top row. They didn't explain that in the documentation.
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Re: Keyboard Shortcuts

Postby Fordman » 17. Dec. 2015, 19:17


In X:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\system\cfg\assettocorsa.ini, change the following from 0:



Then Press F7 and you get a few more Free Camera's (using Up, down, Left, Right, and W,S,A,D) Hold down CTRL to move slowly.

Great for Photo's and also getting different Cam Angles for video.


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