How to use custom skins in AC

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How to use custom skins in AC

Postby BBO » 09. Dec. 2015, 15:53

As we all have started one day and no everyone knows everything here is a little help.

How to use custom skins in Assetto Corsa

Step 1.
Using a custom skin in Single Player :

First you need to go to your Steam installation folder and there you have to navigate to the Assetto Corsa cars/skin folder.
The usual path should look like this:
The Harddrive you installed steam on:\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\name of the car\skins\

Skin for the abarth500
If you got a custom abarth500 skin from somewhere else (called “”) you need to unpack this folder to:
Your drive:\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\abarth500\skins\
So it should look like this afterwards:

Step 2.
Using a custom skin in a Multi-Player event or leagues:

In multiplayer your custom skins are only visible for others if they have the exact same custom skin folders as you and vice versa.
As skins consist of lots of small parts, there are usually in these skin folders things like, car livery, tyres, rims, helmets, etc,
you always need to share the whole skin folder of a car skin. See Step3.

Step 3.
Share your skin:

If you want to share your abarth500 skin called “myskin” you need to make a .zip file out of the whole “myskin” folder. Let’s call it “”. Now you need to upload this “” folder somewhere, so the others can download it and do the same as explained under Step 1.
In the end all drivers should have the same folders and can see each other’s skins online if they race in an event or league.

Step 4.
Upload your skin .zip file:

You need a place to upload your zipped skinfolder. Often you need a free file hoster for this. There are hundreds of them, this is just an example: <- You don’t need to login or sign up there.
Simply upload your zipped folder, copy the link you get afterwards, and post this link for the others, so they can download your personal skin and put it into their specific car skin folder.
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