Pedals Cable

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Pedals Cable

Postby D34N0 » 16. Oct. 2018, 17:16

Hi All

Thought you may be interested in the following.

Logitech® G25/G27/G29/G920/DFGT/DFP or Generic Pedals Adapter £23.99

Product Description
Turn your DFP, G25, G27, G29 or G920 pedals into a stand alone device and increases sensitivity to 10-bit (1024 steps) for greater precision!

10-bit resolution on all pedal axes
Highly accurate, smooth and stable position measurement. 250 updates per second

Reliable, rock-steady calibration settings
Windows calibration settings will not be lost after unplugging or swapping USB connectors

Completely standalone solution
Use Logitech® G25, G27, G29, G920, Driving Force™ GT, Driving Force™ Pro or pedals on their own or with another wheel.
Use your DIY pedals using potentiometers or Hall sensors - Click here for connector pin out

Automatic recognition of connected pedal types
Logitech G25, G27*, G29*, G920*, Driving Force GT**, Driving Force Pro, or generic pedals with up to 3 axes.
* G27, G29 and G920 pedals are identical to G25 and will be shown as such.
** Driving Force GT pedals are identical to Driving Force Pro and will be shown as such

Natively supported by Windows 10/8/7, Vista 32, Vista 64, XP, 2000, Me, 98, Mac OS X and Linux.

True Plug-and-play.

Cable length
1.5m (5 feet)
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Re: Pedals Cable

Postby P1LOT » 27. Oct. 2018, 15:26

Hi D34N0,

I got one years ago and found a big improvement in braking in some sims.

A guy who used to work at my company told me he knew Leo. Very clever gentleman, apparently, also done work for a well known Formula 1 team on their simulator.
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