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Re: [Website News] BTCC-T7R-MOD preview website

PostPosted: 24. Feb. 2017, 20:51
by Validamar
Until they make fashion already will leave AC2

Re: [Website News] BTCC-T7R-MOD preview website

PostPosted: 07. Mar. 2017, 20:05
by Validamar
Has put a sound from standard cars

Admin Edit: (File links deleted)
No offence but you might have missed this:
Legal Disclaimer:
Do not modify our mod or any of the cars (physics/3D/2D) without our permission....

As much as we understand that it is annoying that there are no updates from T7R right now.
We are still working on it and will hopefully produce an official update very soon.
So please don't post your own edited version here.

There will also be an official statement/news from T7R about the Mod /progress etc. soon

Last but not least it's the wrong thread for the actual version of the mod so I will close/lock this thread now.
Here is the actual V1.1 thread:

Admin Edit: