[Website News] F3 Round 5 - Amazing

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[Website News] F3 Round 5 - Amazing

Postby BBO » 21. Mar. 2016, 13:25

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This week we have to congratule everyone, for the behaviour and discipline at the start and during the first lap. No touching, no crashes, just respectful and clean racing.
But of course our congratulations are going once more to Niko Pajarinen who won again, while Fulvio Genova took again the 2nd place and Tauri Taal who was on the 3rd podium place.

The driver standings have changed a bit: Niko P. still in the lead followed by Fulvio Genova. But Kris Vickers (now 3rd) and B. Weingart (4th) moved up and passed Barry Kostjens (from 3rd to 5th). The next races will be very interesting, let's see if they can hold their positions or if the other guys behind (Armigliato, Tauri Taal, Baldwin, O. Prenten or Lojelo), who are all still very close behind, pointswise, can attack and replace them.

Looking at the team standings:
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Re: [Website News] F3 Round 5 - Amazing

Postby Festa_PWR » 21. Mar. 2016, 15:40

Yes, was a great start by all, congrats to everyone for a nice clean race.

I nearly made a mess of that at the old hairpin, running wide. I joined as carefully as I could and also Olivier gave me plenty of room, so thanks for that.
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[Website News] F3 Round 5 - Amazing

Postby Olivier Prenten » 02. Apr. 2016, 22:41

I certainly learned from previous race. ;) Grats all! Let's make it a habit...
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