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If you want to join T7R as a Team/Staff member then ...

PostPosted: 15. Jul. 2014, 11:19
by BBO
First of all you don't need to be a T7R Team/Staff Member to race in our events or to race with us. You just need to be a forum/website user,
if you are a clean and fair racer and you want to join Triple7Racing (the club) as a T7R team/staff member then post a reply here and tell us a bit about yourself.
But there is one important rule: You need to be 18 years old to join. There are no exceptions!

Tell us about why you want to join us, how you find us,maybe someone from our Team has send you here, just let us know.
Tell us about your online or maybe real life racing career and what racing simulations you drive (LFS, AC, etc.)

To read a bit about our team and about us is also obligatory.
Here are some infos you need to know:
or directly:

Before you try to join you must know that T7R drivers have lots of rights but also duties:

T7R Staff Members
- will see the comprehensive internal hidden part of this forum.
- can use the internal chat on the website
- can help to form our Team and bring in their ideas for the future
- have to wear our available Team Skins - personal helmets are allowed
- have to wear our Team Tag in certain games
- have to take part in the forums, discussions and polls
- have to agree to show some personal infos like a picture for the staff members section etc.
- can drive leagues and events - but no one is forced to
- should always try to act politely on the track and elsewhere
- ...

After your application for staff membership and if it was accepted,
you usually have a 2 months trial period to get finally a full staff member.

If you think these are things you can live with and still want to join us then just let us know.
Maybe you are the one we were looking for :)

Re: If you want to join T7R then ...

PostPosted: 19. Jul. 2014, 09:35
by BBO
Demo "I want to join posting":

Hi there I'm Jodoe and I want to join T7R. I found your website cause Fordman told to come here when I was racing on the T7R AC server.
As I'm looking for a racing team I think T7R would be the right place for me. I'm not the fastest racer but I'm a clean racer.

Real Name: John Doe
Born: March 1980
Location: USA
Came to LFS: not racing LFS
Came to AC: January 2014
Controls: Logitech Driving Force Pro
Games: AC
My steam Profile name: Jodoe
My Steam ID: of numbers ;-)

Racing History: I'm racing since I was 10 and started with xyz racing on the PC. I was in this team and that team before. I tried lots of other games and found racing simulations so interesting that I now only race Assetto Corsa. I use this wheel with that special pedals and also ...


So with this demo postings you got an idea what we want to read/know from you ;-)