Live for Speed update: Version 0.6M

Another LFS update has been released: Version 0.6M

This update contains an updated Rockingham track and many more fixes and improvements. LFS now supports a borderless window mode that has various advantages including much better support for multiple monitor setups. New features have been added to the interface and the layout editor. Community programmers have been working hard on testing some new InSim features that allow a lot of possibilities. New ways to report your car’s actions to an external program and the ability to control start lights are among the changes.

Full list of changes from 0.6K to 0.6M :

Rockingham :
The Rockingham track is updated with fixes and improvements

Interface :
Translations updated – thank you translators!
LFS can now restart in a window on a side monitor as expected
Option “Input when window is inactive” keeps controllers working
New button on game setup screen to clear start grid with one click
New arrows to move grid positions – removed “swap position” button
Hold CTRL+SHIFT to show viewed car’s player name beside time / fps
User interface elements should now be perfectly aligned with screen
Moved ABS option in car setup above the Traction Control option
Lap number is no longer shown if lap timing is not available
Text command /setlap now works in practice and qualifying
New admin commands /ujoin username and /uai username

Borderless window system :
New SHIFT+key functions are displayed on right of Screen Options
Borderless modes allow ALT+TAB to other programs without minimising
Multiple monitor support is greatly improved by a borderless window
New command /window min/max/monitor/virtual (no parameter=restore)
Full screen vertical sync option affects borderless window modes
F9 to F12 keys now toggle between their mode and a window

Multiplayer :
Add to grid buttons for admins beside names in list of connections
Rare MP bug could cause LFS to enter world before track was loaded
TCP position packets option now also sends TCP packets to host

Layout editor :
You can now set an identifier for a start lights object
Temporary start lights (in layout editor) middle light is now amber
InSim checkpoints and circles can be placed in the autocross editor
New button “place on ground” to restore ground check to objects
Maximum number of autocross circles increased from 150 to 180
Multiple object selection is now available in marshall mode

InSim :
INSIM_VERSION increased to 7 to support new incompatible packets
Backward compatibility system – send INSIM_VERSION in the IS_ISI
New join request system if ISF_REQ_JOIN is set – see InSim.txt
New system to reset a car at a location with or without repair
Packet IS_CSC to report changes in car state (start or stop)
Zbyte added to CarContObject structure to report car’s altitude
Zbyte added to IS_OBH so the layout object can be identified
IS_MSO / IS_III / IS_ACR message out packets now have variable size
IS_BFN can now be used to delete a range of buttons with one packet
New packet IS_OCO can be used to override some or all start lights
New IS_AXM option PMO_SELECTION to set the layout editor selection
Added TTC_SEL to request an IS_AXM with layout editor selection
Added TINY_AXM to request IS_AXM packets for the entire layout
IS_SSH documentation updated as it is no longer only for bmp files
New packet IS_UCO sends info about InSim checkpoints and circles
New packet IS_SLC reports a connection’s currently selected car
Packet TINY_SLC to request an IS_SLC for all connections
Added TINY_ALC and SMALL_ALC to get and set allowed cars

VR :
LFSRiftVR.dll updated to use Oculus SDK 0.8
LFSOpenVR.dll updated to use OpenVR SDK 0.9.15
Warning if Rift headset is opened using the OpenVR system
Text command /rift changed to /vr (but /rift still works)
New parameters for the /vr command : /vr=rift and /vr=openvr

Hotlapping :
Traction control can no longer be switched on if disabled in setup
Handbrake can no longer be used in single seater cars while moving
In hotlapping mode there is a new HLVC check for cutting cornerS
Corner cutting HLVC check is also reported in InSim IS_HLV

Misc :
AI drivers can now drive in low wind (but not high)
View shift maximum settings increased to 0.1 m per g
A warning is now shown if a car starts outside the path
If car starts outside path it will keep searching to find the path
Hidden object removal is disabled when car is high above the track
No longer stored in message history : /press /ctrl /shift /alt

Fixes :
AI path drive limits were wrong at one corner of Kyoto National
Controls Options – buttons were not displayed under Shifter tab
Colour adjusters looked wrong in Interface and Display options
The text “S3″ is now correctly sent in the InSim IS_VER packet
InSim IS_HLV packet no longer reports car contacts as wall hits
Floating text above a lagging car was drawn without transparency
One button look amount was doubled in axis, mouse and TrackIR look
The /track and /ws commands now accept double digit config numbers
Tracks file for /tracks command now works with double digit configs
Blank number plate on joining race after watching an instant replay



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