F3 Round 8 – Only one more

Congratulations to Alberto Armigliato for his first win in our F3 T7R Championship. Mauro Delegà took the 2nd place and Barry Kostjens finished 3rd in Brands Hatch last sunday.

The driver standings are still thrilling: While Niko Pajarinen is now uncatchable in front, Fulvio Genova still has to fight for the 2nd place. Kris Vickers and Barry Kostjens are sharing points for the 3rd overall place and a few others are just some points away. And there is only one more race to go.

The team standings:

ALOOG2 still in the lead,  followed by RSR_B on the 2nd position and Admins on Speed (T7R2) are still on the third place. See the full Driver and Team standings, or watch the winning car and podium finishers in our already updated User Hall of Fame

  1. BBO
    BBO says:
    Alberto Armigliato wrote:Hi guys,whithout Niko the mouse dancing… :mrgreen:

    Now after the race is over, I understood the text you wrote. Looks like a little black white mouse catched the win this time. :lol:
    Congratulazione Alberto – nice one!

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