F3 Round 7 – A penalty decision

Another action packed race is over and this time Mauro Delegà took his first win, while Niko Pajarinen only got P2. A surprisingly 3rd place made Bernd Weingart join the podium finishers for the first time. Congratulations to those three and to the rest of the field who showed some interesting fights and lots of passing manoeuvres, even though the race had another unfortunate start and a crash after just a few corners, where lots of drivers where involved.

Let’s take a look at the driver standings. It’s still not decided yet. In theory only Fulvio Genova can beat Niko Pajarinen at the top, while another 6 drivers can fight with him for the 2nd overall place. Exciting and very close, isn’t it.

The team standings: Not much has changed, ALOOG2 leading, followed by RSR_B on P2 and Admins on Speed (T7R2) are still in third position. But there are still enough points to earn to change places for all the teams. Who would have expected this.

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