F3 Round 4 – Easy track, hard to master

Congratulations once again to Niko Pajarinen from ALOOG2 for his third win, while Kris Vickers from T7R got the 2nd place and CAN-AM Racing seems to have a run, Ken Baldwin finished, like his teammate last round, on the 3rd and completes the podium.

The driver standings have not changed at the top: Niko Pajarinen leads in front of Fulvio Genova and Barry Kostjens but behind these top 3 is where the action is. Vickers and Weingart are closing up on Kostjens and Alberto Armigliato is haunted by Neil Rocks, while A. Lojelo, Tauri Taal, K. Baldwin and Scott Whitestine all got equal points.

Looking at the team standings: ALOOG2 still in the lead, followed by RSR_B on the 2nd and Admins on Speed (T7R2) are still on the third place. But behind there were some changes, CAN-AM Racing, PrenTeam, and also Mudflap Girl Racing are coming up strong.

Check out the full Driver and Team standings
The winning car and the podium finishers have also already arrived in our User Hall of Fame

  1. BBO
    BBO says:

    Next to all the incidents we shouldn’t forget to congratulate the winner and the podium finishers.

    Great racing from Niko again, while Kris also had the race pace in Thruxton and Ken from P11 to the podium, nice one.
    Well done guys!

  2. Fordman
    Fordman says:

    I must admit, although it was a pain, to watch i.e I was in pain, the racing was actually really good and was great to see some different faces at the front of the field.

    This is wide open and anybody could win it, but looking forward to Donington, but be warned, it’s not easy….

    But congrats to all the racers, and also the Podium winners

    See you in 2wks


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