F3 Round 3 – A new winner

We congratulate Fulvio Genova from RSR_B for his first win in the F3 T7R Championships. This time only on the 2nd place, Niko Pajarinen from ALOOG2, and Tom Traskal from CAN-AM Racing surprised many with his amazing 3rd place.

There was some big lagspikes, especially at the start of this race, and some drivers really suffered from it. Nevertheless a lot of people still had a good race afterwards and some good battles were going on.

After only 3 races there has not changed much at the top of the driver standings:
Niko Pajarinen leads in front of Fulvio Genova and Barry Kostjens

And the team standings shows:
ALOOG2 on the first place, RSR_B on the 2nd and Admins on Speed (T7R2) are on the third position

Click to see ->> The full Driver and Team standings
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Cya in Thruxton for Round 4



  1. BBO
    BBO says:

    Yes congratz to the podium!

    leemstradamus wrote:…I’m gutted that my wheel locked up…

    I hate these technical probs too. To bad if it happens during the race.
    I had such a moment during the qualy, I went back to the pits wanted to start another stint, but my wheel was like 90°askew. :shock:
    So I could luckily leave the server, rejoined and everything was back to normal.

    I’m also looking forward to the next round.

  2. leemstradamus
    leemstradamus says:

    It happened early in the practice session too. Usually when it happens it holds out for the race but it was not meant to be. I ordered the cable adapters I should need to bypass the slip ring. Hopefully this allows me to not have this issue again.

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