F3 Round 2 – As expected

In the last F3 race in Monza, Italy, we had the first major pileup at the start. One little misjudgement by a driver and almost half of the field was involved and suffered from it. But to be honest it’s not unusual at Monza’s first chicane, so it was a bit as expected.

All those that came through the first corners had a great race and there were some great battles going on, and a really epic one between Andrea Lojelo and Gianni Gentles:

The final result took a while this time because of some complaints we had to deal with. And the decision wasn’t unanimous, so our main F3 Admin Shaun (Fordman) Clarke had to decide it in the end. Niko Pajarinen took again the win for ALOOG2 , right in front of Fulvio Genova from RSR_B, followed by Barry Kostjens from the Admins on Speed (T7R2) team. These three are also leading the Driver Championships in that order.

The Team Championship Standings are similar. Interesting is that the top three teams are all the second or “B” Teams: Currently on P1 is ALOOG2, while RSR_B is on the 2nd Position and Admins on Speed (T7R2) holds the third position.

Will be interesting to see how this will look like after the next Race in Spielberg, Austria.


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