The single event series
for Assetto Corsa

Monday Night Racing (MNR)

We at Triple7Racing are doing smaller events from time to time.
MNR races will usually be held on a Monday evening.


Race Dates and (UK) Times

The events will always be on Mondays and include
15 minutes of qualification starting at 7:45 pm (UK time), followed by a
(around) 30 minutes race starting at 8:00 pm (UK time).


Tracks and Cars of Monday Night Racing Events

All non official mods, be it cars or tracks, can be downloaded by our members in our Download sections.

We try to use lots of different cars and tracks, so that everyone can find a car/track combo he/she likes.
You can also post your own ideas  in the “Events wish list” thread !

Some of the past events:




Racing Server and Live Statistics

All races will be held on the following Server:

Server: T7R| Server1 – Monday Night Racing  – sTracker enabled
Will be open to anybody.
The server will be closed to non-participants before the qualification starts.
Members will get the password in the event thread.
Qualification: 15 minutes, always starting at 7:45 pm (UK) Time
Race: Starting at 8:00 pm (UK) Time,  30 minutes (no mandatory pit stop)

Server Live Statistics


You need to know, accept and respect these simple Racing Rules and Track Limits


Things you need to know before signing up!

Steam ID (aka GUID) and Real Name

If you have read and accept the rules and you are already a registered member of this website/forum then we need your Steam ID and Real Name.

You have to post a reply with your Steam ID (aka GUID) and Real Name in this forum thread.

When signing up

When signing up for an MNR event in the forum you can use you own skin if you want to, just post a link where others can download it.


You must enter the race with the name you signed up or your result will not be counted !!!


Sign up for each MNR event in its event thread


What you get when racing in MNR events

- Fun and maybe fame.
- The podium finishers and the winning car of all events will be shown on the “User Wall of Fame
- The winner gets his own “Congratulations news” on our Website and on Facebook.
- Winners will be later invited to race in the T7R Race of Champions.

Check out the news for upcoming events.