Congratulations !!!

The F3 T7R Championship is over and we got a winner and a winning team:

Congratulations to:
- Niko Pajarinen from ALOOG2 for the win of the F3 Triple7Racing Driver Championship
- Fulvio Genova from RSR_B for the 2nd place
- Barry Kostjens from Admins on Speed(T7R2) for the 3rd place

Congratulations to:
- The RSR_B team for the the win of the F3 Triple7Racing Team Championship
- ALOOG2 for the 2nd place
- Admins on Speed(T7R2) for the 3rd place

>>> The final driver and team standings <<<

Congratulations to everyone who took part and kept up till the end. Not everything was always perfect but in general a lot of people had a lot of fun during this league. Thank you for taking part guys and we hope to see a lot of you again and that we can battle with you on the tracks some more. And thank you RSR for this fantastic F3 mod!

We are glad you raced with us!
Team Triple7Racing

  1. BBO
    BBO says:

    Congratz to everyone.
    Was not always fun ;) but most of the time :D
    I really enjoyed it.

    Special congratz to Niko for a really dominant win.

  2. Fordman
    Fordman says:

    Well Done Niko and Well done to RSR_B for taking the team honours. Really enjoyed this and hopefully more to come

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