F3 Round 4 – Easy track, hard to master

Congratulations once again to Niko Pajarinen from ALOOG2 for his third win, while Kris Vickers from T7R got the 2nd place and CAN-AM Racing seems to have a run, Ken Baldwin finished, like his teammate last round, on the 3rd and completes the podium.

The driver standings have not changed at the top: Niko Pajarinen leads in front of Fulvio Genova and Barry Kostjens but behind these top 3 is where the action is. Vickers and Weingart are closing up on Kostjens and Alberto Armigliato is haunted by Neil Rocks, while A. Lojelo, Tauri Taal, K. Baldwin and Scott Whitestine all got equal points.

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F3 Round 3 – A new winner

We congratulate Fulvio Genova from RSR_B for his first win in the F3 T7R Championships. This time only on the 2nd place, Niko Pajarinen from ALOOG2, and Tom Traskal from CAN-AM Racing surprised many with his amazing 3rd place.

There was some big lagspikes, especially at the start of this race, and some drivers really suffered from it. Nevertheless a lot of people still had a good race afterwards and some good battles were going on.

After only 3 races there has not changed much at the top of the driver standings: Read more


Live for Speed update: Version 0.6M

Another LFS update has been released: Version 0.6M

This update contains an updated Rockingham track and many more fixes and improvements. LFS now supports a borderless window mode that has various advantages including much better support for multiple monitor setups. New features have been added to the interface and the layout editor. Community programmers have been working hard on testing some new InSim features that allow a lot of possibilities. New ways to report your car’s actions to an external program and the ability to control start lights are among the changes.

Full list of changes from 0.6K to 0.6M :

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F3 Round 2 – As expected

In the last F3 race in Monza, Italy, we had the first major pileup at the start. One little misjudgement by a driver and almost half of the field was involved and suffered from it. But to be honest it’s not unusual at Monza’s first chicane, so it was a bit as expected.

All those that came through the first corners had a great race and there were some great battles going on, and a really epic one between Andrea Lojelo and Gianni Gentles:

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The MSA UK recognized Triple7Racing

We have closed the gap between the simracing world and real life racing again a bit more. As the first pure PC based simracing team ever, we have managed to become recognized by the MSA UKTriple7Racing is now an approved organisation by the Motor Sports Association (MSA), which is the sole national governing body for four-wheel motor sport in the UK, recognised by the world governing body, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).

Racing simulations has become a very useful tool in driver training, car and setup testing and also in making the first steps into a potential racing career. Our aims at Triple7Racing are to assist our members in all that and in participating and attending simulated motorsport events and leagues to enhance their understanding of racing in general.

One of our goals is to provide a low-cost environment for our members to get into the world of motorsport. Many people don’t have the opportunity to race in real life, on real tracks, in real cars; we offer our members the option to do so in an online environment.

We think this is a great opportunity for everyone to get a deeper look into what is needed to be a clean and fast race driver, and we are proud that some of our former T7R team members have already made the step from a simracer to a real race car driver in the past eleven years and they still use simulations to test out new tracks they’ve never been on, or for testing setups.

So we keep on organising online racing leagues and events for our users, such as our “Monday Night Racing” events or the just started “F3 T7R Championships 2016” league.

We will also continue to get in touch with more real racing leagues, teams and car manufacturers to cross the bridge between simracing and real world racing once more.


F3 Round 1 – A surprising win

The first round of the F3 T7R Championship is over and the winner surprised a lot of people, I think.
Most of us would have placed our bets on Fulvio Genova from RSR_B, who did a lot of amazing hotlaps, in all those practise sessions.

But Niko Pajarinen from ALOOG2 took the pole, with his 1:57.244 and also the won the race in Silverstone.
F. Genova took the 2nd place and Mauro Delegà from the RSR team finished on the 3rd.

The winning car and the podium finishers made it of course onto our User Wall of Fame. Congratulations guys!

The results and standings are online on the F3 Website, and there is also a full race replay video from Shaun Clarke in our Youtube channel available.

Now let’s head over to Italy and do some test laps in Monza, to be prepared for Round 2 that is scheduled for Sunday the 07.02.2016.


Vallelunga – 01.02.2016 – Tatuus FA1

The Tatuus FA1 (aka Formula Abarth) will be the car we use in our next Monday Night Racing event on the 01.02.2016 in Vallelunga. If you want to take part, just sign up in the event thread in our forum. No livery or numbers needed. Just your name and steam ID for the live tracker.

Come join us for some fair and clean close racing.

You can register for our Website/Forums, and then you can sign up in the events forum for this race.


Mr. Burton strikes again

Congratulations to Gavin Burton for his 4th win in one of the Monday Night Racing events from Triple7Racing. Kris Vickers finished for the 4th time on the 2nd place in an MNR event and Bernd Weingart got the 3rd position and completed the podium, in the last race at Blackwood. Take a look at our Users Wall of Fame to see the  ALFA Romeo GTA vintage car that took the win on the 18.01.2016.

Congratulations to everyone who took part.

F3 T7R Champs -Testrace

For all those who missed it or not racing this league. Here is a little (5 min.) video of some of the highlights from the first testrace of the F3 T7R Championship 2016. Recorded on Sunday 10.01.2016. Some unlucky manoeuvre, crashes and spins but also very clean passings and respectful driving.