Happy Easter 2016

Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life.

So here we go, while Live for Speed already got it’s update to version 0.6N, including improvements for VR, multiplayer, audio, a virtual keyboard and more.

Assetto Corsa will get it’s next big update for free on March 31th, including a new free fantasy track called “The Black Cat County”, with three layouts (short, intermediate and long).
There will also be the Corvette C7 Stingray 2015 and the Ford Mustang 2015 and a littel surprise included.

And Triple7Racing is still working on it’s first multicar BTCC T7R Mod. We hope to publish it in early April. It’s already in the beta phase and we hope to finish it asap.
Keep your fingers crossed ;-)

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Live for Speed update: Version 0.6M

Another LFS update has been released: Version 0.6M

This update contains an updated Rockingham track and many more fixes and improvements. LFS now supports a borderless window mode that has various advantages including much better support for multiple monitor setups. New features have been added to the interface and the layout editor. Community programmers have been working hard on testing some new InSim features that allow a lot of possibilities. New ways to report your car’s actions to an external program and the ability to control start lights are among the changes.

Full list of changes from 0.6K to 0.6M :

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The MSA UK recognized Triple7Racing

We have closed the gap between the simracing world and real life racing again a bit more. As the first pure PC based simracing team ever, we have managed to become recognized by the MSA UKTriple7Racing is now an approved organisation by the Motor Sports Association (MSA), which is the sole national governing body for four-wheel motor sport in the UK, recognised by the world governing body, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).

Racing simulations has become a very useful tool in driver training, car and setup testing and also in making the first steps into a potential racing career. Our aims at Triple7Racing are to assist our members in all that and in participating and attending simulated motorsport events and leagues to enhance their understanding of racing in general.

One of our goals is to provide a low-cost environment for our members to get into the world of motorsport. Many people don’t have the opportunity to race in real life, on real tracks, in real cars; we offer our members the option to do so in an online environment.

We think this is a great opportunity for everyone to get a deeper look into what is needed to be a clean and fast race driver, and we are proud that some of our former T7R team members have already made the step from a simracer to a real race car driver in the past eleven years and they still use simulations to test out new tracks they’ve never been on, or for testing setups.

So we keep on organising online racing leagues and events for our users, such as our “Monday Night Racing” events or the just started “F3 T7R Championships 2016” league.

We will also continue to get in touch with more real racing leagues, teams and car manufacturers to cross the bridge between simracing and real world racing once more.


LFS update 0.6K + S3 Track Rockingham

Back in the days it was usual that LFS updates came right before Xmas. So this year the laser scanned track from 2008 is finally ready to use. But you need an S3 license to race on it.

The new version of Live for Speed, 0.6K, contains next to the Rockingham race track with many configurations also graphical improvements including new reflections and dynamic environment maps, AI improvements, support for the HTC Vive VR headset (in addition to the Oculus Rift) and some fixes.

Further S3 content is in development but currently Rockingham is the only S3 content available. And the developers wrote that they will continue to work on S3 after Christmas.

Changelog from 0.6J to 0.6K :

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Triple7Racing joined the AEMC

While today the next new update of Assetto Corsa was released (Version 1.3) and also the new Dreampack (Version 2) and we recommend supporting AC with buying the fair priced Dreampack DLC. We would like to take the opportunity to also announce something brand new to you.

Triple7Racing is now officially a club


Yes, a real club, in the real world. Even so we are an international team for more than eleven years and see ourselves as an international club, we’ve chosen the United Kingdom as our main base as we were originally founded there. And so we are very proud to tell you that we have joind the AEMC, and are now offically a member of the Association of Eastern Motor Clubs (AEMC). The AEMC is our regional association created by the Motor Sports Association (MSA) for the purpose of co-ordinating motor sport affairs in their respective areas in the UK.

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LFS update06J

Live for Speed update to v0.6J

After all those test patches from the last weeks Live for Speed is now officially updated to version 0.6J. The update contains significant performance improvements. So the graphics card and the CPU should be a lot less stressed by the game. The frame rate limiter has also been improved and allows LFS now to run accurately at the rate you set.

Here comes the full list of changes from 0.6H to 0.6J:

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LFS website and forum redesign

LFS website and forum redesign

Just in case you missed it.
A few weeks ago the LFS Devs finished the massive redesign of the whole LFS website and forum.
The forum has been integrated into the LFS.net website. And the overall look and feel is much better now.

There are a lot of new things to explore and see. Biggest surprise is the the LFS Devs now offer internal Live for Speed Game Hosting with many different possibilities like different Slots or that you can also rent a host on just an hourly basis etc.
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