BTCC T7R Mod V1.0 released

Triple 7 Racing is proudly releasing the BTCC T7R Car Mod for Assetto Corsa.

Check out our mini website for full credits, info and download links

Bringing the fast, fun, close, door to door racing of the FWD and RWD of the pinnacle of British Motorsport.

The cars that are available are the Ford Focus ST, Honda Civic Type R, Toyota Avensis and the BMW 125i M Sport. The Physics have been completely re-done using real data that is available online, and also with Fordman attending Official tyre tests. Sounds have been re-done using BTCC reference videos by Fordman and IMrIMike.

Also included are all the 2016 Liveries for the Honda, Ford, BMW and Toyota including Honda Yuasa Racing, Motorbase Performance, Speedworks and West Surry Racing.

We have opened up all the setup options (except ride height) so you can adjust the cars to how you feel/want to drive them, as all the options that are available, are available in real life. You cannot change Turbo Boost, as this is restricted to 0.8 in real life.

This is our first Multi Car Mod, and we have thoroughly enjoyed working on this, and we hope you enjoy it just as much with all the close racing it will bring.

Triple7Racing will be providing two public servers running Brands Hatch GP and Silverstone National, and we hope to see you online.




Congratulations !!!

The F3 T7R Championship is over and we got a winner and a winning team:

Congratulations to:
- Niko Pajarinen from ALOOG2 for the win of the F3 Triple7Racing Driver Championship
- Fulvio Genova from RSR_B for the 2nd place
- Barry Kostjens from Admins on Speed(T7R2) for the 3rd place

Congratulations to:
- The RSR_B team for the the win of the F3 Triple7Racing Team Championship
- ALOOG2 for the 2nd place
- Admins on Speed(T7R2) for the 3rd place

>>> The final driver and team standings <<<

Congratulations to everyone who took part and kept up till the end. Not everything was always perfect but in general a lot of people had a lot of fun during this league. Thank you for taking part guys and we hope to see a lot of you again and that we can battle with you on the tracks some more. And thank you RSR for this fantastic F3 mod!

We are glad you raced with us!
Team Triple7Racing


F3 Round 9 – The final race

Congratulations to Fulvio Genova for his win in the final race of the F3 T7R Championship. Mauro Delegà took again the 2nd place and Niko Pajarinen finished this time on the 3rd position.

The final driver and team standings will follow shortly.  In the meantime you can take a look at our User Wall of Fame where you can see the winner cars and the podium finishers of each round.


F3 Round 8 – Only one more

Congratulations to Alberto Armigliato for his first win in our F3 T7R Championship. Mauro Delegà took the 2nd place and Barry Kostjens finished 3rd in Brands Hatch last sunday.

The driver standings are still thrilling: While Niko Pajarinen is now uncatchable in front, Fulvio Genova still has to fight for the 2nd place. Kris Vickers and Barry Kostjens are sharing points for the 3rd overall place and a few others are just some points away. And there is only one more race to go.

The team standings:

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F3 Round 7 – A penalty decision

Another action packed race is over and this time Mauro Delegà took his first win, while Niko Pajarinen only got P2. A surprisingly 3rd place made Bernd Weingart join the podium finishers for the first time. Congratulations to those three and to the rest of the field who showed some interesting fights and lots of passing manoeuvres, even though the race had another unfortunate start and a crash after just a few corners, where lots of drivers where involved.

Let’s take a look at the driver standings. It’s still not decided yet. In theory only Fulvio Genova can beat Niko Pajarinen at the top, while another 6 drivers can fight with him for the 2nd overall place. Exciting and very close, isn’t it.

The team standings: Read more


F3 Round 6 – Close & only 3 to go

You guessed it, Niko Pajarinen from ALOOG2 did it again and won. Congratulations! 2nd best was this time Barry Kostjens from Admins on Speed (T7R2) and Andrea Lojelo from Team RSR jumped for the first time on the podium with finishing 3rd.

Looking at the driver standings: It’s getting closer between the rest of the field. Lots of driver changes happend from P4 downwards. Still in the lead is: Niko Pajarinen in front of Fulvio Genova and Kris Vickers but there is only 3 points between P3 and P4 (Vickers & Kostjens) and only 1 point between P4 and P5 ( Weingart & Armigliato). And a few also have the same points. So the last 3 races will be really exciting for the most of us.

The team standings:

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Happy Easter 2016

Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life.

So here we go, while Live for Speed already got it’s update to version 0.6N, including improvements for VR, multiplayer, audio, a virtual keyboard and more.

Assetto Corsa will get it’s next big update for free on March 31th, including a new free fantasy track called “The Black Cat County”, with three layouts (short, intermediate and long).
There will also be the Corvette C7 Stingray 2015 and the Ford Mustang 2015 and a littel surprise included.

And Triple7Racing is still working on it’s first multicar BTCC T7R Mod. We hope to publish it in early April. It’s already in the beta phase and we hope to finish it asap.
Keep your fingers crossed ;-)

After this is done we will Read more


F3 Round 5 – Amazing

This week we have to congratule everyone, for the behaviour and discipline at the start and during the first lap. No touching, no crashes, just respectful and clean racing.
But of course our congratulations are going once more to Niko Pajarinen who won again, while Fulvio Genova took again the 2nd place and Tauri Taal who was on the 3rd podium place.

The driver standings have changed a bit: Niko P. still in the lead followed by Fulvio Genova. But Kris Vickers (now 3rd) and B. Weingart (4th) moved up and passed Barry Kostjens (from 3rd to 5th). The next races will be very interesting, let’s see if they can hold their positions or if the other guys behind (Armigliato, Tauri Taal, Baldwin, O. Prenten or Lojelo), who are all still very close behind, pointswise, can attack and replace them.

Looking at the team standings: Read more


F3 Round 4 – Easy track, hard to master

Congratulations once again to Niko Pajarinen from ALOOG2 for his third win, while Kris Vickers from T7R got the 2nd place and CAN-AM Racing seems to have a run, Ken Baldwin finished, like his teammate last round, on the 3rd and completes the podium.

The driver standings have not changed at the top: Niko Pajarinen leads in front of Fulvio Genova and Barry Kostjens but behind these top 3 is where the action is. Vickers and Weingart are closing up on Kostjens and Alberto Armigliato is haunted by Neil Rocks, while A. Lojelo, Tauri Taal, K. Baldwin and Scott Whitestine all got equal points.

Looking at the team standings: Read more