AC Dreampack 2 soon

Dreampack #2 of Assetto Corsa will be released soon. We heard it could be released by the end of September 2015. But that’s just guessing. What we know is that it contains another laserscanned track, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain.

Next to that, there are some cars in it like the Audi R8 LMS Ultra and the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG-003. Then there will be the RUF RT12R Porsche, the BMW M4 Coupe and the Ford GT40 (Mk1). Last but not least two Lamborghinis, the Countach and the Huracan GT3.

If it’s available for the same price as the last Dreampack then this sounds like a fair deal.

Next to the Dreampack 2 there will maybe also another bigger Assetto Corsa release like they did the last time.
Here is a list of what’s probably (and hopefully) included in this version:

  • 64bit build
  • Fixed setups in MP
  • More consistent and improved FFB for all cars
  • Customisable Multiplayer Server messages
  • Added soft locks
  • Added support for DRS zones
  • AI improvements
  • Added grain and blister readings in the setup info screen
  • Fixed AC Server not creating “results” folder automatically
  • Downshift gearbox protection for cars with sequential gearbox
  • Cars with sequential gearboxes are now unable to shift into neutral while moving
  • Fixed KERS disabled in pit lane
  • AC server is stressing much less and should offer more stable performances
  • Fixed gear ratio appearing with a double “/” in setup screen
  • Added FORCE_TGT to force low red timer in assetto_corsa.ini
  • Some fixes
  • New algorithms to calculate skid volumes and pitch
  • Lap count is now reported using 16bit unsigned integer to server plugins
  • Now using triple buffer when vsync is on to reduce latency
  • Reduced latency for driver animations
  • Exposure settings are now saved.

Now let’s start betting on the release date ;-)

  1. BBO
    BBO says:

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  2. VTX
    VTX says:

    7-10, Kunos said in the AC forum (at least for v1.3, dunno if that is the same date that the DLC will be there, but a big chance it is :)).

  3. Fordman
    Fordman says:

    Yeah I read on a FB page the same Barry, and DLC2 will be available as well. Seems strange, as that is a Wednesday, and all major releases in the past have come on a Friday

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